Quantum Analytics Teknikatama

“ Quantum Analytics Teknikatama established in 2010 as Product and Solution provider for Analytical System and Flow measurement. Our Analytical product range are for physical and chemical composition measurement for process industries from Portable to Continuous On-line measurement.

For the Flow measurement is the Ultrasonic  base Flowmeter for Custody  Transfer, Process Flow Measurement, Flare Gas Measurement and Flue Gas Measurement.

Quantum Analytics Teknikatama serves for widely vertical market from Hydrocarbon Processing, Chemical, Petrochemical, Power Plant, Cement, Natural Gas, Steel, Fertilizer and other manufacturing industries

Quantum Analytics Teknikatama brings together Technology and Engineering to provide Innovative Analytical System Solution to our Customer in wide range of Industries and Application.

Appropriate system design, seamless integration are the key to optimize measurement accuracy, repetability and minimize the risk of failure of measurement and expensive investment ”.

SICK process automation Product portfolio

* Gas analyzers and analysis systems

* Dust concentration measuring devices

* Liquid and water analyzers

* Data acquisition and evaluation computers

* Flow measuring devices

* Tunnel and traffic sensors